The use of high quality slides or graphics is now considered the norm. We have taken this one step further, and using the very latest computer technology, we can generate a complete presentation package, capable of being reproduced in high resolution for large screen projection, wide screen or even multi screen, all taken in our stride. The end results are only limited by your ideas and our inventiveness. We have a team of experienced graphic artists who can generate custom slides.

This state of the art technology allows us to make last minute changes right up to the presentation and even during it, for example at an open forum question and answer session. We can call upon years of experience to produce slides that support and enhance what you say and not just another ‘death by PowerPoint’…

Let us inspire, compliment and support your message and get it remembered for all the right reasons.

Live Scoreboards

Interactive Voting

Razorsharp has developed and regular uses live scoreboards and live information for many different types of event. In particular point to point racing, where the runners and riders are displayed on large LED Screens, then as the race is run we go to live cameras and once the race is over brings the winning places and times up and runs a replay. One of our other regular scoreboards is for the National Dressage Championship, where two consecutively running judging rings require current competitor information and then placing's and scores, (this can be seen from a screen grab opposite) We are able to integrate this into any format for any event and look forward to being able to customise it for yours

Maximise the value of your meeting, training or conference by engaging your audience, encouraging your participants and evaluating their feedback. Our expertises and range of solutions can help you optimise your event . incorporate audience participation into conferences, presentations and education settings.  Keypads can be used to enhance audience engagement, to test learning and to gather information about the audience’s opinion. Fully integrated into PowerPoint, voting results are displayed instantly, in graphical format, thus making your meetings truly interactive! And of course post event we can collate and export results in an Excel spreadsheet for you to analyse your participants’ answers




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