Putting on an event, large or small, is one thing. Making it happen, on time, on budget and without stress, is another. We take project management very seriously and it’s what sets us apart from the rest.

We will guide you from conception through to realisation creating a total concept for your show: design and plan the event, manage all the component parts, find a suitable venue, organise the catering, the logistics and accommodation. Provide all the technical equipment and the technical staff to ensure it all runs smoothly. In fact we will facilitate the entire event.

We put all this together in one easy cost-effective package to produce a trouble free well-managed event.  With an ability to look at the big picture, while keeping a keen eye on the detail, we will ensure that everything happens when it should, the whole experience from enquiry to reality will be smooth and trouble free.

Pre Event


Post Event

Our attention to detail on the pre planning is second to none. Nothing is left to chance. Firstly we will work with you to find out your exact objectives and goals. Then set about planning the event. We will only use and work with dependable, responsible and flexible people who are used to teamwork. We will appoint a coordinator and establish a budget for the event. Decide with you on the content, if any speakers will be invited and if interpreters will be needed. Our creative team, scriptwriters, designers, artists and are some of the best in the business of creative experience. They will make your project come alive, moving your audience with conceptual, visual and inspirational content.

We never let the big-picture stop us from thinking or caring about the small stuff. Paying attention to the details gives Razorsharp competitive advantage. During the event we will be fully on hand to ensure that everything that has been planned happens on time. From the moment we take over occupancy of the venue to the moment that the tenancy ends we will work with you and our team to ensure that everything happens exactly as you want it by pre-empting everything before you even notice that it needs to be done. Quality is non negotiable, and cutting corners is not an option.

Post event there is always a lot to consider. A structured review or de-brief process for analysing what happened, why it happened, and how it could be done better. There may be voting questions that need to be collated and distributed; there may be video recordings that need editing are just a couple of the things that happen once the event is over. You can be assured that we will work with you to make sure all this happens and that the event is brought to a beneficial end, after all we want to work with you again!





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